If you have an antique piece of furniture you may have something of value which often you do not think of. We have done restoration on furniture of the '600 worth tens of thousands of euros, with surprising results, for this type of work the techniques we use are the original ones that date back to that the furniture, this is important to ensure the high quality of our work which leaves the original characteristics intact of the wood and maintaining the value over time.

But the cause of the deterioration is not only aging, but also time, weather such as humidity, high and low temperatures and exposure to sunlight are factors that influence the composition of the wood, not less important are the damages caused by termites or mold.

The real wood remains a "live" material.

There is no clear scientific explanation for this itís just an empirical fact: you could say that as an older person becomes slower in their movements, so does old wood is moves more slowly i.e adapting its content of moisture to that of its environment with increasing slowness.

This is the reason for which it is preferable in the restoration to use old wood, wood that is more compatible in its movements with the rest of the piece of furniture. In addition to this other valid reasons dictated by the transformation of the surface over time, the color, and the consistency are also important.

Do you think that your old furniture cannot restore itís original beauty and splendor?

Try us.






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