La Bottega dell'Arte has two locations, laboratory and showroom.

The laboratory is in Via Penna 80d, a fraction of Terranuova Bracciolini, where we also have the main office, thatís where we design, draw, and build everything you have in mind for your home.

The showroom is in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 2, situated in the town of Loro Ciuffenna, where we have many antiques on display and where you can see some kitchen compositions and ideas for home spaces in a contemporary style. Itís possible to shop directly in the showroom, and if what you purchase you canít take home we will deliver to your home address.

Find us with your navigator with the following coordinates:

Via Penna 80/d, (Fraction Penna)
Terranova Bracciolini
52 028 (Ar)
GPS 43.562971,11.61256

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 2
Loro Ciuffenna
52 024 (Ar)
GPS 43.592701,11.63274


Our offices are on Google Maps and you can find them by simply writing the name "La Bottega dell'Arte Srl".

Use the two "maps" on the side to find the driving directions and you will easily find us.



Here are the services we offer in our stores:

- Payments with electronic cards
- Financing at the office
- Delivery and installation at home
- Designing spaces and planning measures with surveys at your home
- Drawings of all your projects
- Restoration of furniture and wooden objects in general and antiques

We are waiting for you to find the best solutions!



LABORATORY                                                                                     Click here to open in Google Maps  


SHOWROOM                                                                                       Clicck here to open in Google Maps



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