Our passion for wood, a living warm and natural material. Our history has its roots in the late 50's when Emirio Chiarabini opened his firm of crafted wood originally called "Ditta Emirio Chiarabini".

Woodworking was a craft that didnít represent luxury, but of artistic know-how, often what was most important was the substance of the objects, not only the form, but creating something that had the flavor of craftsmanship and uniqueness, simple objects in appearance but sturdy in construction were necessary for everyday living. Behind all this was the love of a person for his work, the desire to create something that was original, unpretentious.

That desire continues with his sons Franco and Giuseppe, who in 1977 created "Mobili Chiarabini". With the spirit of their Father they carry on the experience of the artisan in the creation and restoration of antique furniture, and in a short time became known in the booming market of those years.

In 1996 with the addition of M. Fabbri, the company became "La Bottega dell'Arte", preserving the original idea that wood is a special material, ranging from construction craft, and a modern vision of contemporary settings.

In addition to craft production completely illustrated in the various sections of this site, below are the brands we handle, carefully selected according to the features and built with quality and reliability so that we can give you what you all the space you need at home, regardless how big.








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